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Benefits of Kettlebell Training - Total Body Conditioning

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

The kettlebell is a phenomenal total body conditioning piece of equipment in one small, fierce package! Strength, cardio, flexibility and balance can all be improved with this one fitness tool. Talk about versatile and portable - making this a great choice if you are limited with space, if you are on a budget (as far as purchasing equipment or gym membership), even if you are traveling!

Fast Results - Versatile, Effective, Efficient and Fun!

As you will soon discover, the incredible benefits that can be achieved with kettlebell training, can arguably make the kettlebell one of the best pieces of equipment for achieving effective, efficient and safe total body conditioning. If you're looking for fast results, you need to add kettlebell training to your fitness regime!

The kettlebell is a perfect tool if you are on a budget, if you are traveling, or you have limited room for your workouts! This versatile piece of equipment offers total body conditioning (strength, endurance, balance and flexibility).

Additionally, because of the dynamic movements and high intensity of the workout, it is also a great program if you are short on time. You can get results in half the time (as compared to steady state cardio such as running on a treadmill). Just 20 - 30 minutes of kettlebell training, twice a week, you can potentially see 70% core strength improvement and 13.9% improvement in aerobic capacity.

You can do your workout with one or two kettlebells - the beauty is the kettlebell is compact and portable making it not only cost-effective, but an outstanding space saving piece of fitness equipment. You can workout inside, outside, at work or even at your hotel when traveling.

A fun, but easy to follow workout, with the versatility to offer so many different exercises and different ways of training (grind, ballistic, combination or hybrid of the two), working on multiple planes - you are literally only limited by your imagination.

The great thing about training with the kettlebell is that it involves thinking, instead of just doing! What do I mean by that? For example, when you are working with a fixed machine, you simply pull or push in a predetermined line of direction, and stabilizer muscles are not so actively engaged.

Conversely, with the kettlebell, you will decide on the path of movement, which plane of direction you wish to move, if you are going to work slowly with a heavier kettlebell, taking your time under tension, or engage the explosive, forceful and powerful ballistic moves with higher reps and a lighter kettlebell.

Thinking about what you are doing, and why, not only makes the workout more interesting, but it will seem to fly by even more quickly.

You can change your style of training everyday thanks to the versatility of the kettlebell.

Whether you are going for endurance with continuous kettlebell flows, whether you want to ramp up the intensity over a shorter period of time such as HIIT, EMOM, AMRAP or Tabata style workouts.

Perhaps you want to work on pure strength with those slower movements with time under tension. It is not only great for the mind to keep switching up the training to keep your workouts feeling fresh and new, it is equally beneficial for your body, too!

The kettlebell is an incredible training tool for just about anybody, regardless of age, size or fitness level.

Training with the kettlebell is typically safer than an inexperienced and/or less fit person attempting to lift super heavy barbells during their squats, deadlifts and presses.

You can torch the fat whilst still building muscle as you will not release cortisol the same way that running for long durations will do, so your muscles will not begin to break down.

You can do high intensity, shorter workouts to enjoy muscle gains and also to boost testosterone.

Ultimately, the kettlebell will put less pressure on your spine than that of a heavily loaded barbell.

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