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Stop Doing Crunches - Pick Up A Kettlebell!

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Did you know that training with kettlebells, twice a week, for 20-30 minutes each time, can potentially improve your core strength by 70%. That is huge! Kettlebells were first used by the Russians as an effective training tool for their military and their Olympic athletes - and it is easy to see why this was their equipment choice.

The Science Behind The Statement!

So, how is this achieved? Well, a lot of the kettlebell movements consist of big, dynamic movements - which is a form of ballistic training.

The definition of ballistic is 1. relating to projectiles or their flight and moving under the force of gravity only.

Ballistic training, as far as kettlebells are concerned, relates to how we move the kettlebell with explosive power (which is speed and strength combined), and maximizing acceleration and minimizing deceleration.

These movements fire up the muscles in the abdominals and obliques to counteract that unstable weight and movement.

The core will contract aggressively and combined with coordinated breathing, makes this a highly effective ab workout.

You will be amazed at just how fast you begin to see your six-pack and elevens develop without having to resort to crunches!

The other advantage is that many kettlebell exercises require that we move through multiple planes of directions, which basically means we are hitting your abs and obliques from every angle. This results in a balanced and complete core workout.

You will also notice that typically when we train with a single kettlebell, or training unilaterally. Once again, these offset movements will fire up up the core in order to keep you neutrally aligned and you will enjoy rapid improvement in your core and overall strength gains.

Especially beneficial for athletes for improving their explosive power, strength and reaction. Affording the athlete the ability to improve core power, moving in a multiplanar manner, training in big, explosive, powerful dynamic movements without injury, and improving overall stability. All are critical components of training for sports.

This form of training and the benefits that you will achieve will also transfer over into every day life - giving you the strength, stability, mobility and proprioception that will enhance day to day activities and help reduce the risk of injury!

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