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The Fully "Koreographed" Kettlebell Workout

K R U S H !

About Krush

Krush is the first of it's kind in the WORLD!

A fully "koreographed" kettlebell workout that is set to pulse-pounding, bass-driven, tribal inspired thumping music.  A continuous 60 minute workout consisting on non-stop kettlebell flows that will hit just about every muscle group.  This is the new way to get strong - stamina, strength and mind-body co-ordination to help improve those cognitive skills.  This workout is easy to follow and a whole lot of FUN! 

Strength Challenge

Events and Teacher Training

Benefits of Kettlebell Training


Why Kettlebell Training?

Training with the Kettlebell, for just 20-30 minutes, twice a week will improve your core strength by 70% and your aerobic capacity by 13.9%


Come and experience the WOW! for yourself! Please check out our "Events" pages for our next live Masterclass.

Alternatively, enjoy a virtual workout by either renting the workout video for the day, or subscribing monthly for unlimited views and classes to enjoy.


Kettlebell Training is the NEW way to get STRONG! 

Average calorie burn in a typical Krush class is 650 - 850 kcal during the hour.


Krush Workout and Amelia Activewear have collaborated! 

To enjoy a 15% DISCOUNT on your next purchase at simply use the code: KRUSH2024

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